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Freeing to be Fit is a holistic approach to being fit. This organization's foundation is built on teaching and working with the community on the importance of not only being physically fit, but mentally and spiritually fit as well. We do this by educating people on nutrition, stress management and through exercising.  Once all the components are in alignment one can truly be fit, and know what freedom feels like.

Kimberly Blount

Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutritionist, Behavioral Change Specialist  and Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist


Kimberly Blount has her B.S in Sports and Health Sciences with a concentration in Exercise Science. She also currently has a certification as a Personal Trainer  as well as a Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist. The concept behind Freeing to be Fit is a holistic approach to fitness. She believe that every aspect of the being has to be in sync for a person to be truly fit. Once this accomplished a person can truly be free. Kimberly is also a published author and advocate  for the movement Blue Girls Turned Girl. 


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