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Blue Girl Turned Gold 


I am Kimberly Blount , the CEO and Founder of Freeing To Be Fit, LLC.  I have  been blessed  to be   one of  a select few co-creators  in the Non-Fictional series Blue Girl Turned Gold.  I was  given the privilege  to write    my  testimony of  how  I overcame divorce, depression , self doubt  and   being a single  mother of  3. It  has not  been an easy feat. It  has  taken  I   while  to get to the  place I am now. God  still has  a lot of  work to do on me . However ,I  will  like  to  encourage  those  who are currently  going through  trials  and tribulations  to  realize  "experiences shape  who you are but  they  don't dictate who you become"-Myesha Collins  

Stay blessed  luvs 

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